Friday, August 21, 2009

Wow, what a great looking day!!!

Today we have the World card in the tarot. We have the Dagaz rune and we have No. 55 the "abundance and properity" hexagram. Bring it on!!!

Here is some information I found on-line for the I Ching. As I stated yesterday, the hexagrams are made up of two trigrams which are place on top of each of other. They combine to make the hexagrams and the different meanings. This is a very old, I mean thousands of years old system.

The following is a decription of each of the Pa Kua symbols:
1. Sky
Three solid lines were used to symbolize sky. The sky is strong and has divine power to provide infinite space to accommodate all. Using three solid lines to represent the sky is very the appropriate for its supreme being.
Three broken lines are used to symbolize earth. The earth is a gigantic object. It is a supporting body for human life and a burial ground for death. It is considered soft and receptive, because it can take a lot of punishments with tolerance.
3. Thunder
Two broken lines on top a solid line symbolize thunder. The two broken lines on top have the image of lighting and the bottom solid line symbolizes elevation. Thus, the image is lighting striking on the top of a mountain.
Two solid lines on top a broken line symbolize wind. The two solid lines represent the sky and energy. The broken line represents earth. Thus, this image is the sky and energy approaching earth. The wind is invisible and we can only justify its existence by observing the moving tree tops.
5. Water (Moon)
A solid line in between two broken lines symbolize water. The two broken lines represent the depression of earth (river banks). The solid line in the middle represents motion. This creates the image of water flowing in a river. In addition, this kua also represents the moon.
6. Fire (Sun)
A broken line inbetween two solid lines symbolize fire. The two solid lines indicate the movement of fire. The broken line is the center of the fire which is still. In addition, this kua also represents the Sun.
7. Mountain
A solid line on top of two broken lines symbolize mountain. The solid line represents elevation and the bottom two broken lines represent earth. Thus this image is a mountain elevated above the earth.
8. Marsh
A broken line on top of two solid lines symbolize marsh. The top broken line is water and the bottom two solid lines is sky. If we are looking down at a body of water anywhere on earth, we will see the reflected sky below the water surface. This seems to be a logical way to symbolize the Marsh Kua.

As you can see today's symbol is made up of Thunder over Fire or Sun.

So like the fates say, Have a really great day!!!

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